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What is the performance of each component of the plate heat exchanger?

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Do you know about the performance of plate heat exchangers? If you don’t know, just listen to the editor’s introduction. What is the performance of each component of the plate heat exchanger?

1. Fix the compression plate: do not contact with the fluid, tighten the gasket with the clamping bolt to ensure the seal.

2. Heat exchange gasket: supply medium flow channel and heat exchange surface.

3. Receiver, flange: for fluid supply inlet and outlet.

4. Up and down guide rods: bear the weight of the plates and ensure the installation size, so that the plates slide here. The guide rods are usually longer than the heat exchange plate group, so that the clamping bolts can be loosened to slide the plates for inspection and cleaning.

5. Fixed pressing plate: paired with a fixed pressing plate, it can slide on the guide rod for assembly, disassembly, inspection and maintenance.

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6. Sealing gasket: prevent fluid from disintegrating or leaking, and make it match between different plates.

7. Rotational installation: Make the movable compression plate or the partitions at both ends slide on the upper and lower guide rods for assembly, disassembly, inspection and maintenance.

8. Front pillar: support the weight of the plate heat exchanger, so that the whole heat exchanger is integrated.

9. Clamping bolts: Compress the plate group to ensure the overall sealing of the plate heat exchanger unit. For rubber gaskets, the large and small compression sizes are usually marked on the label. To replace the gasket.

10. Partition boards at both ends: install partition boards at both ends of the fixed compression plate and the fixed compression plate at different positions, so that one device can handle multiple media at the same time and implement multi-stage operation.



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