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Jialin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and economically developed city of Wuhan. It is a professional manufacturer of plate heat exchangers (PHE), heat exchanger gaskets (PHE GASKET) and heat exchanger plates (PHE PLATE).

The company covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters. There are more than 30 sets of various large-scale processing equipment, including 2500T, 6000T, 18000T and other plate hydraulic presses. The maximum heat exchange area of ​​a single plate is 3.2 square meters, and the heat exchange area of ​​a single plate is 2000 square meters, which can meet the needs of customers. Special working condition requirements. The company has passed the classification society GB/T19001 quality system certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, and has multiple service and sales outlets across the country.

Jialin Machinery introduced domestic and foreign advanced design and production technology and professional knowledge of heat exchangers in 2012, and has been committed to serving HVAC, refrigeration, energy and electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, ships and the environment Processing and other markets, providing on-demand heat exchange solutions and full-service.

At the same time, Jialin Machinery is actively exploring the global industrial market, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets,
Sales of heat exchange equipment have been realized in African markets such as South Africa, Zambia, and Guinea, as well as industrial markets in developed countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, and Australia.

Jialin Machinery is also a professional supplier and maintainer in the field of plate heat exchanger accessories (heat exchanger plates and gaskets). We Can provide many well-known brands (including: Alfa, API, APV, Thermowave, DANFOSS, DHP, Muller, ITT, LHE, DongHwa, ACCESSEN, GEA, Hisaka, TRANTER, SONDEX, FUNKE, Vicarb, etc.) with the same specification and size Plate heat exchanger plates and gaskets.
No matter where you are, no matter what special requirements you have, Jialin Machinery is willing to provide you with system solutions in the field of plate heat exchangers.

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