Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Product Introduction

Basic Info.
JiaLin Machinery provide brazed plate heat exchanger according to the working condition, our designer will choose the correct type for you
It is composed of corrugated plates pressed by many stainless steel plates and front and rear outer covers. The plates are separated by
high-purity thin copper sheets (or nickel sheets) and brazed in a vacuum high-temperature furnace. According to the customer's requirements, 
the corrugated plates combine high, medium, and low flow rate heat transfer plates to achieve a good heat transfer effect, and the heat transfer 
coefficient is as high as 3000~12000Wm2. K. The entire equipment has no gaskets and no outer frame, forming a compact plate heat exchanger
that can withstand continuous high temperature and high pressure operation.

Product Description
Brazed plate heat exchanger is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger, which is composed of a series of corrugated metal sheets stacked and brazed. A thin rectangular channel is formed between various plates for heat exchange. Compared with the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, its heat transfer coefficient is much higher under the same flow resistance and pump power consumption, and it has the tendency to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger in the applicable range.


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